Funeral Planning

Scheduling a Memorial Service
Funerals or Memorial Liturgies mark the passage of life to death and provide an opportunity for the community to gather to give thanks to God for the deceased, hear the promise of resurrection proclaimed, and console one another in grieving.  Funerals or Memorial Services can be scheduled by contacting the church office.  One of our pastors will assist families in planning a Christian funeral as well as provide pastoral care in the time of a loved one's death.  Faith Lutheran is available for both member and non-member memorial services.
Please contact the church when you are in need of prayers and support at the death of a loved one.   Pastors will assist you in making any necessary funeral arrangements.  They are also available to help in pre-planning funeral services.
Prayer Garden & Columbarium
Faith Lutheran is in the beginning stages of building a Prayer Garden and Columbarium.  We offer a beautiful setting on our church campus.  Columbarium units for the permanent placement of cremation urns, scattering gardens for ashes and a Memorial Wall are all available. 
You do not have to be a member of Faith Lutheran in order to buy a niche.  Simply contact the church office and a member of the staff will schedule a time to meet with you to review the columbarium policies and the purchase agreement.  You will have the opportunity to pick out your niche and it will be reserved in your name upon payment of the full $1,600. 
Fee Schedule
Double Niche - $1,600 (holes two urns)
Scattering Garden Interment - $250 (placement of name on the Memorial Wall included)
Memorial Wall Plaque - $250 (engraving is included)
*Not included:  Time of death costs for urn and engraving