Milestone Ministries

Throughout their young lives, children celebrate different milestones in their Christian education at Faith Lutheran Church.


Baptism Festival
Each January, we celebrate those who have been baptized in the past year with a special worship service and luncheon, reminding us that we are a community of faith, growing in our faith together. 

In keeping with our baptismal promise to provide children with the Holy Scripture, Faith Lutheran gives Bibles to youth three different times: 
Three-year olds receive a Storybook Bible in January as we celebrate Jesus’ Baptism. They also design a personalized tote bag for carrying their Bible to and from Sunday school, Grandma’s house, etc.
Third grade students receive a Student NRSV Bible in September.  Following the service, a luncheon for the students and their families is served and they receive an orientation on how to use their Bible in their everyday lives. 
Students in 6th grade receive a Study Bible in preparation for beginning confirmation.  They will bring this each Wednesday evening throughout the three year confirmation instruction. 

Communion Instruction
On Sundays during Lent, students in 5th grade and their families are encouraged to participate in First Communion Instruction.  Students learn about the Sacrament of Communion, the meaning of the wine and the bread, they create their own communion cup from pottery and participate in a Seder meal together.  This culminates at our Maundy Thursday service when students receive their first communion.   Although we do this instruction with 5th graders, anyone is welcome to attend the classes and children can receive communion at any age.

Confirmation (Affirmation of Baptism)
As students begin 7th grade, they also begin our Confirmation Program.  Students will meet each Wednesday night and Sunday morning during the school year through 9th grade.  Students will learn about the Bible, Martin Luther, and affirming their faith in preparation of becoming a confirmed member.  The service will take place the fall of their 10th grade year.