Meals for Moms & Dads
This ministry offers meals to families who have just had a baby as a way to support them through this wonderfully exhausting transition!  Members can sign up to prepare and deliver a meal to the family's home.  Please contact the church office if you are interested in being involved with this ministry.
Visitation to Home Bound Members
Home bound members receive visits from members (Faith Partners) of the congregation and from pastors on a regular basis.  We share in prayer and communion.  To celebrate special holidays, we deliver plants and Thanksgiving plates to members who are unable to worship with us.  If you would like to become a Faith Partner please contact one of the Pastors.
Parish Nurses
Our parish nurses provide health screenings, education opportunities, health fairs, and fitness challenges to keep the congregation focused on health and wellness. 
Prayer Concerns
Please contact the church office to request prayer for you or a loved one.  Our prayer concerns are updated weekly on the website and in our bulletins.  We also communicate prayers through an email prayer group.  Click her to make your prayer request or to sign up for the email prayer chain.

Baby Care Kit Ministry
This ministry is ongoing throughout the year. In 2015, 131 kits were assembled and sent to Lutheran World Relief.
You can assist by donating GENTLY used items, such as adult cotton T-shirts, baby gowns, onesies, dark colored hand towels, baby socks, ivory bar soap, receiving blankets, baby caps, single knit, fleece and flannel yardage.  Each kit contains 17 items which are wrapped in one receiving blanket and sealed with two diaper pins.

Backpack Kit Ministry
Why school supplies?  The backpack kit ministry means the difference between getting an education or not where Lutheran World Relief missionaries are located in needed countries.  In 2015, Faith members filled 171 backpacks with school supplies.  Take home an empty backpack and fill it with 4 (70 sheet notebooks), 1  12inch ruler, 1 pencil sharpener, 1 blunt scissors, 5 black or blue ballpoint pens, 5 unsharpened #2 pencils, 1 box 16 or 24 crayons, and 1  2.5 inch eraser.  This ministry is done in August and September of each year and the filled backpack is brought back to Faith church.